Visiting Denmark

Corona and INSIGNIA
As told earlier, corona did influence the INSIGNIA project. Sjef van der Steen, the leader of the INSIGNIA Project had original the aim to visit as many of our Citizen Scientist in the 9 participating countries. Mission impossibly during corona time. Traveling is/was very difficult this summer. But we found a time-window for a visit in Denmark. Lot of car driving, more than 2.000 km in the small country of Denmark. But that is possibly. To have some exercise we did on our driving tour bring our bikes (read some had electric bikes, others without motor).

We did manage to visit all the danish Citizen Scientist. Having a look on the colonies, talk and evaluate. It is those small talks that give so valuable information that we can use in future project involving Citizens scientist. The CS showed us a big hospitality, inviting on lunch, dinner or even made lunch bags for us. We found out that the hospitality of beekeepers is on a very high level and they are very proud out their beekeeping. So, we saw a lot of exciting beekeeping and many small, detailed solutions their operations. For Denmark, this final visit was very appreciated by us and especially the beekeepers that got closer to our project. In between there were moments of enjoying Denmark. Luckily the danish weather did behave. Below some very few pictures from the visit.