The Danish hivescales system

In Denmark, actually in the Nordic Baltic countries, there is an electronic online hivescale system. We are using mainly 2 types of electronic hivescales. To far to get into this in this short note. The system is run by the Danish Beekeepers Association.

The point is that we get scale measurements every 1-2 hours every day. Focus is on the weight changes. We call it the net gain or loss. The beekeepers call our application for the honey meter or the honey forecast of the beekeepers. It is telling them when the flow starts, gain pr. day, consumption pr. day etc. We even use temperature as well, especially in the brood area. Temperature is telling when the brood rearing starts or stops. The brood stop is when you can make your oxalic acid trickling treatment again the parasitic varroa mite. Latest INSIGNIA has used the scales to calculate the flight activity. Lot of other information’s can be gained.

We also use the system to confirm if the colony did develop in the right way during the summer. There are more then 150 scales in the Nordic Baltic countries. A very nice system.

Several INSIGNIA colonies did have a hivescale.


INSIGNIA Stenlille:



INSIGNIA Gjøl (something technical wrong)

Above and below you can see the bottom weight during the season, as well as the net gain pr. day. All in kg.

Take a look on our nice software on www.stadevæ or    and see what the Nordic Baltic beekeepers are doing.

Flemming Vejsnæs, INSIGNIA Denmark