Behind the Citizens Scientist – Peter Sjøgren

We had the luck to visit all the danish citizens scientist during the week of collecting all the INSIGNIA samples for Denmark. Was a great opportunity to come behind the scene at the beekeepers. Having a talk on how the season went and hear the direct opinion about the project. Pros and cons!

Conclusion. Visit a beekeeper and you always leave the place with an exciting new story. Beekeepers are interesting people.

We did already a year ago did present Peter Sjøgreen, but one year is gone and Peter beekeeping did develop. New ideas, new activities. Peter is living in the northern part of Zealand, north of Copenhagen. In a big forest area. Therefor he is registered organic beekeeper. One of the few in Denmark. Peter har shifted his focus the last few years since he now mainly does produce pollen for sale. He has been able to get into the high segment marked. Like selling pollen to Michelin restaurant. Make the master chef excited and interested in the big variety of pollen. We find a kaleidoscope of colors and taste we find in pollen. Peter also collect propolis. All organic. Peter also produce simple machinery for pressing honey. Again, because he is so focused on having a high amount of pollen in the honey. Peter enjoyed being a part of the project and found that the results until now are very interesting and useful. He hopes that a new project will turn up and then he is ready again. Exciting beekeeper.