Sampling dates public

All the sampling dates for the INSIGNIA project is now public. This is important for the Citizens Scientist as well as the coordinators, since all people want to plane their summer and especially in regard to beekeeping activities. For all sampling windows the Citizens Scientist need to pick one of the 4 days available, where they can do sampling. So, for sampling round 1, you can choose to make your sampling on one of the days 4th or 5th or 6th or 7th of May. We also ask our Citizens Scientist to cooperate with neighbor beekeepers, in the case our Citizens Scientist themselves are not able to sample in one of the sampling rounds. For INSIGNIA it is important to have a full as possibly sampling.

Curiosity – is the main driver

From all the consortium we wish happy birthday to Sjef van der Steen, Netherlands on his 71 years birthday.

Sjef is the coordinator of the INSIGNIA project. Others would say: Why not just play golf? Sjef would reply: Why play golf, if you can run such an exciting project as INSIGNIA!

Happy birthday – 71 is just a number as long as you have curiosity on life.


Santa is bringing APIStrips for Christmas

The preparation of the new APIStrips has officially begun at the University of Almería and the UAL team is working hard to have them ready on time. Next year, close to 6000 APIStrips will be needed in the monitoring, which means a lot of time and effort. But the first 400 are now ready! They are safely stored and waiting to be shipped to all national coordinators, who will distribute them to the citizen scientists prior to the first sampling dates. Continue reading “Santa is bringing APIStrips for Christmas”


An INSIGNIA video podcast at the Stones bar in Nea Moudania. A bit deeper talk on the results of our 3 days meeting on next year’s sampling. Flemming Vejsnæs (bad sound – since his microphone did not work) and Sjef van der Steen have a chat on the results and conclusions on the meeting.


This is our very first INSIGNIA video PODCAST where two members of the consortium simple TALK with each other about different subjects of INSIGNIA. This time it is the coordinator Sjef van der Steen, Netherlands and Flemming Vejsnæs, Denmark, simply talking about INSIGNIA in general. Enjoy the podcast.

Exciting consortium meeting coming up this week

At the end of this week (12-13. November 22) the INSIGNIA consortium meets in real life since long time. Main issue is to evaluate this year’s field testing on different methods to measure different types of pollution. This will become the basis of next year protocol. We are really excited. Listen to Sjef van der Steen, Coordinator of INSIGNIA, what he does expect.