The enigma of sample coding

Communication in itself is simply a matter of sending and receiving a message. This implies on one hand, a clear message. On the other hand, every receiver interprets the message within his/her own reference frame. This makes communication a difficult issue anyway. In Insignia, this shows in interpreting the coding of the Insignia samples. This coding is clearly explained and communicated in the picture manual.   On the other hand, other lay-outs are suggested in the conviction that his/ her interpretation is better. Remember that there is a chain of “receivers” and the coding is six-dimensional: country, apiary, colony, date, material and replicates in time. Miscoding will for sure results in potential misinterpretations and certainly in time and energy loss in sorting out the samples. The solution is simple. Stick to the appointments and don’t make labeling

20919709 – human head silhouette with question mark concept

an enigma.