T-shirt born on the backseat!

Born on the backseat!

After an exciting and successful annual meeting in Almeria a small group went to Granada to have a look on this very beautiful and historical city. Especially the historic Alhambra is very recommendable. We continued to evaluate our meeting. And suddenly one said: “We should make a citizen’s science t-shirt”. “Yeah, we want a t-shirt”. A t-shirt to show we are a team and a t-shirt to promote INSIGNIA and even maybe a t-shirt for our citizens science apiculturist.

Creative hours. Talking, creating ideas, more discussions. Then on the internet. Finding a online t-shirt company. Uploading our logo. Hmm, let us put 3 logos together! Well. We need text. What to write? Citizen Science Beekeeper. Hmm, something wrong. What about Citizen Science Apiculturist? Cool. What more? Our homepage: WWW.INSIGNIA-BEE.EU. Yes, we need this. But does not look nice! What about making a circle? Yes. Colors. Hmm, yes, we are males. So blue! We love blue. Take a look at the new t-shirt. We are happy, but open to change it. We only have 4 t-shirts on the marked at the moment. Not sure what happens next. Let us see. We like the t-shirt. Two hours on the backseat in a car creating a t-shirt is fun.