Instruction videos ready

Two instruction videos are now on the road in English version. Sorry the Danish accent, but this is how it is. The Danish translation is ready and the Austrian one will be added very soon. The other countries will translate as soon as possible. So now we just need April to turn up and get started.

It was quiet a big challenge to shoot the instruction videos in Denmark in the beginning of march. Lucky, we had no snow, so we could pretend is was summer. But even this was very difficult, because we had the worst windy weather condition since long, with heavy storms and rain. Rain and rain and rain. And yes, cold as well. Bees did not like it for sure. But we had to do it!
If you look on the bees, then they do react “not to happy” on the opening of the bee boxes. We did try to do it as fast as possible. You can also see the bees are still in a loose winter cluster. We did some pre-shooting and did hope we could use that material. But there the bees did fly up and did defend themselves, giving several beestings. So, we didn’t want to use those shooting. We did wait for something we could call nice spring weather. And, yes, those days does exist in Denmark. If you look careful on our movies, you can see that the shootings are done on different days and we are using boxes with and without bees. Once, the car even got stuck at the apiary as well, took 3 hours to get it free with help from outside. Lot of challenges. But we did it the best we could. And it is instructions videos. Showing the Citizen scientist: How to do! Those videos are supplements to the picture manual you can see in the former blog.

Enjoy our videos and get an easy overview of our project.

Flemming Vejsnæs