Tool boxes 2020

The study start for INSIGNIA 2020 is one month away, but we already shipped the tool boxes to the nine Austrian citizen scientists. The tool boxes include the majority of the materials needed for the INSIGNIA 2020 study. The materials are sufficient for 2 bee hives, 1 installation round (=study start) and 10 sampling rounds. The pictures below show the content.

Packed tool box for one citizen scientist.

All materials in the tool box.
Picture manual, sample scheme and note, that the 14 missing APIStrips will be delivered in the next few weeks.
The two APIStrips needed for the study start date are labeled individually.
As we are currently only able to send 6 APIStrips to the citizen scientists, we prepared 2 “big” (1l) bags for the first two sampling rounds.
For one sampling round, we need an APIStrip bag including 2 sample bags, two labels, two fresh APIStrips and two paper clips.
10 “big” (1l) bags for 10 pollen sampling rounds.
In one pollen sampling round bag, you find two sample bags and two labels.
Just in case, we added 4 reserve sample bags.
Two extra bags for pollen and two extra bags for APIStrips.
Two INSIGNIA stickers per apiary.
As pencils are mandatory for sample bag labels, we added two to the tool box.
Two lids (from urine cups) to estimate the pollen amount. Use one lid per sampling round (for both hives). Wash the lids when both were used.

Kristina Gratzer