Danish INSIGNIA colonies are ready

All colonies checked at the five testing sites. Spring explodes in Denmark, with cold nights, but nice sunshine during daytime. Bee really flying. Oilseed rape and apples are in full blossoms and the colonies do explode. We need to be careful with swarming.

The Danish INSIGNIA apiary two does take part in three projects, which supplement each other very nicely.

Project 1. INSIGNIA – honeybees as bioindicators and pollen collection, pilot study with focus on microplastic, heavy metals and particulate matter.

Project 2. Monitoring project – pollen collection – food resources, varroa counting, natural mite fall, bee samples, brood samples for virus and estimation of colony size.

Project 3. Musbera project – prof of an earlier established model for pesticide exposure and bee diseases.

Both INSIGNIA colonies do have an electronic hive scale attached. Can observed on this link:

DBF INSIGNIA 1: https://minebier.dk/da/scales/234

DBF INSIGNIA 2: https://minebier.dk/da/scales/239

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