The diversity of the pollen image of a bee colony

Within the INSIGNIA project we did sample pollen samples from our test colonies every second week from the 20.-23. April to the end of the project 24.-27. august. Every second week the Citizens Scientist went out an activated the pollen trap on the evening before and then did empty the trap next days evening. There was always an eye on the weather forecast. Should we move the collection with one or 2 days. The main part of the samplings were done over one day, few times 2 days.

Why not every weekend!
Since my colonies are in my home apiary (INSIGNIA DK01), it was easy to do more often samples. So why not every weekend, kind of. Idea was simply to see the variety of pollen colors from week to week, like in the CSI-pollen project.

So, I did it. Every weekend! Or close to.
Was so happy when I did put all the samples on the table to make THE PHOTO. One sample was missing!!! Grrrr. Did I simply forget the sampling? See the empty space on the photo. It turns out to be the weekend of my daughters weeding party. Shame on me.

I am pretty sure the pollen season is over, but I will activate the trap this next weekend again, to see if some pollen will be collected. But then we need nice weather, as we have had until now. Note also the last sample was taken on 30th September 2023. Her you will note that there was 2 weeks without any successful pollen collection.

Enjoy the beautiful variety of pollen-colors during the season of DK01 – INSIGNIA Denmark.

Flemming Vejsnæs, Denmark