The acronym: INSIGNIA

We have been asked, how did the name INSIGNIA turn up. We had a lot of suggestion and ideas. A lot, but then finally Fani Hatjina turned up with this, you could call formula:

cItizeN Science InvestiGation for pesticIdes in Apicultural Products = INSIGNIA

“An now you ask how did this formula turn up?”

We asked Fani.

Fani telling: “You know that there is this google program called ACRONYM creator or this one
I think I used the first one.
I added in a row the words of our project title (all of them or some of them) and then I played around.
The program generates lots of choices, and you can pick what you think it is more suitable or easy to call or nice in the sound!
I picked INSIGNIA because it creates a music in my ear!
And this is all really!”