Science with communication

How easy can science be on your own, no protests, no objections, bright ideas and always being right? However that’s not science, that is vanity.

Science can only blossom and flourish in cooperation and respectful communication with each other. That is why the GoTo Telemeetings occupy a prominent place in the Insignia consortium. The course of the pilot study, new ideas, results clarification and evaluations and any issue of whatever importance are discussed in these meetings. First in small groups of specialists in the consortium to be broadened up with more subjects-involved participants in the course of the subject.

For me, the great benefit of telemeetings over telephone meeting is the face of the participants. I, and every participant can see the involvement when someone wants to say something and the verbal and body reactions in this virtual meeting room. For now, it is absolutely the most effective and cheapest way to communicate effectively. Insignia has subscription of about €30 per month with unlimited access to telemeetings with max 11 persons and of unlimited duration. To the latter I must say that, as in any meeting, after one hour the concentration and efficacy decreases as the tiredness increase. Nevertheless, I can’t think of any meeting so cheap and effective for adapting, fine-tuning and updating specific issues to assure the continuation of this pilot project. Although yes, there are two; the annual plenary meeting where we meet in person, discuss the progress and future of the study and the mutual visits of participants to exchange practical experiences and skills. This meeting and visits include social interaction, the second pillar of effective communication.

To have the meetings as effective and participant-friendly as possible, Flemming V. nailed the 10 rules for effective telemeetings on the Insignia door with amongst others, be prepared, find yourself a quiet room, turn off your telephone and have a cabled connection.

Sjef van der Steen