INSIGNIA creating networks across Europe.

INSIGNIA is an exciting project, that has run so nice and smoothly. Within our consortium we have a great team spirit. We have become connected, involved, concerned, developed, creative, inspiring etc. I could keep writing. The short story, networks and friendships are created for lifetime. New projects arise due to constructive talks and discussion. New questions asked.

Over some few beer and in the creative face on producing the application of INSIGNIA Sjef suggested to write a practical article on varroa treatment. And article giving an overview on all the methods for varroa treatment. We focused on sustainability and long-lasting strategies instead of the short-term solutions. This article is our suggestion how to keep up beekeeping with green strategies. We also do mention the Synthetic Acaricides as well, since they are there, and they are used.

Jozef van der Steen, Flemming & Vejsnæs (2021): Varroa Control: A Brief Overview of Available Methods, Bee World, DOI: 10.1080/0005772X.2021.1896196

We feel that this new article is a nice side product of the INSIGNIA consortium as well.

Now it is here. Published soon in Bee World. It is a practical overview for the beekeeper of varroa control methods including background on how and why.  This is the link to the first 50 free copies of the article.