In colony 1 all 4 sampling methods are applied

According to the 2019 study setup, colony 1 combines all 4 sampling methods. The combination of the beehold tubes and the pollen trap is not that simple. We have already shown the adapter we build to integrate the tubes.

Now it is needed to apply the adapter to the colony and make it bee-tight, which is tricky, as first of all bees often find an alternative way in and out their colony, and second because bees need to get used to how the hive entrance looks and where they can enter the colony. The way through the beehold tubes and later the pollen trap is not easy…

Colony 1 in Graz, Austria. For the moment we use plastic wrapped in Aluminium foil to make the rest of the trap bee-tight.
This was built by another citizen scientist from Austria. The problem with bees not finding their way will be observed and further reported on in the next days!