Get to know Austrian citizen scientists #2

Austrian citizen scientist Ernst’s INSIGNIA study apiary is located in the South East of Austria – about 10 km from neighbouring countries Hungary and Slovenia. Watch some photos of his apiary!

This area experienced a far to warm and dry March and April. Finally the day before first INSIGNIA sampling brought some rain. The pictures show the pleasant weather on the first sampling day 2020 and the surrounding agricultural areas. The map below shows the approximate location.

He successfully collected and labelled his first samples for our citizen science study. Just in case, we ask citizen scientists to send us pictures of the samples to see if everything is in the right place and correctly labelled. These samples look excellent and can now be stored in the freezer until further notice. As his place is not to far from Graz, where the university of Graz is located, we will hopefully be able to pick-up or receive the samples in the weeks or months to come.

In our laboratory, we will then perform sample checking and processing for pollen origin analysis and Apistrips will be sent to laboratories for analysis of pesticides and other substances.