Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2023 in Linz

This year’s Austrian Citizen Science Conference took place from April 19 to 21, 2023 at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. The conference was initiated by the network “Österreich forscht” (BOKU Vienna) and in cooperation with Ars Electronica and the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft.

Robert Brodschneider and Kristina Gratzer from the University of Graz participated together with approximately 150 other Citizen Science enthusiasts.

Under the motto „ver.suchen – ver.einen – ver.antworten“ (try, unite and take responsibility), we learned once again about the diverse opportunity, Citizen Science provide to research and across research fields.

Have you ever wondered which moral strategy you personally, and people in general use, if they feel the need to justify?  Project description in German 

Another project calls on citizens to support solving the mystery of a mysterious, historic ball of yarn with valuable gold elements: Project description in German

Kristina learns how to spin sewing silk

Citizen science and biodiversity monitoring go hand in hand for quite a long time. The projects are diverse: monitoring butterflies, animals living in urban areas or ragweed.

Many interesting projects and Citizen Science related topics were presented in the poster session

The partner institution Ars Electronica Center, an art/technical museum, took us into the world of space and gave us high-resolution glimpses into human anatomy, pyramids, Greek mythology, and AI-generated video art.

Huge 8K demonstration at the Ars Electronica, Linz

Next year between April 3 and 6 2024, the Austrian Citizen Science Conference will be merged with the European Citizen Science Conference in Vienna, Austria. We are looking forward to present INSIGNIA-EU findings there!

Kristina Gratzer