Sociological Aspects of INSIGNIA

As part of the INSIGNIA project, we are also conducting a sociological portion and the interviews with the Citizen Science beekeepers are underway! We are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the expectations and experiences of the beekeepers in hopes of improving their participation experience in the second year as well as building upon their hands-on knowledge of using the novel sub-sampling devices in order to keep improving them.

We will be interviewing Citizen Science beekeepers in Austria, the United Kingdom, and Denmark throughout April and May, with follow-up interviews in June and July, to see how their experiences and needs change throughout the season. It is a great opportunity for our team to meet, interact and create a space for voicing concerns for the people on the ground that are making this project possible! We would also like to thank all the beekeepers for their hospitality and for taking the time to chat with us!

Enjoying some coffee and biscuits over a nice conversation! In this portion of the interview we ask the Citizen Science Beekeepers to rank the cards in order of relevance to the question: Which aspects of INSIGNIA’s data collection process are most important?

Written by Sarah Rose Bieszczad