Insignia tool boxes 2020 ready for Latvian beekeepers/citizen scientists

During the last week all nine Latvian citizen scientists (CS) received Insignia tool box. They will be ready to start work for Insignia in mid of April.
Insignia tool box in Latvia is fully prepared for a whole season, except lacking ApiStrips which will be added during the sampling season by national coordinator (NatCo). Each tool box contains materials for two colonies.

Insignia tool boxes for nine Latvian citizen scientists ready for delivery

Content of tool box
Complete tool box for Latvian CS

By taking care of safety measures in Latvia Insignia tool boxes were delivered personally by NatCo to citizen scientists. That gave opportunity not only to deliver tool boxes to CS in time but also to explain sampling methodology of Insignia to CS by direct communication and establish good relationship between NatCo and CS.

In apiary of CS Zanis Jesko; photo by Andrejs Jesko

Citizen scientists in Latvia are semi-professional beekeepers and well experienced. Three out of nine are certified organic beekeepers. Apiaries of CS are located in different regions of country and will cover both intense farming and wild areas.

CS Atis Valle with Insignia tool box. Ready to start work for Insignia in April. Apiary equipped by Latvian hive (Dadant frame), the most common type of hive used by Latvian CS

All CS in Latvia reported good overwintering of colonies. Meaning that beekeepers will have wide spectrum of colonies to choose for Insignia in coming April. That gives us promising starting point for all Insignia apiaries in Latvia.

By Valters Brusbardis