On this page you can find our press releases and downloads. Please feel free to download and use in your magazine, so that we can inform and spread the knowledge of our project. More information can be finding on our blog as well, that we regular update.

Links to our notes:

Note 1. The INSIGNIA project

Note 2. Follow your scientist – The INSIGNIA project!

Note 3. How Covid-19 has affeced the INSIGNIA project

Note 4. Lead rain after the Notre Dame cathedral fire, and how honey bee colonies map this contamination

Note 5. The APIStrip is an efficient matrix for bio-monitoring of pesticides using honey bee colonies and most pollen entering bee hives is collected from wild plants rather than crops. Results of the statistical analysis of the 2019 INSIGNIA sampling.

Note 6. Bee-monitoring for microplastics

Note 7. Guideline for apicultural citizen science to apply the honey bee colony for bio-monitoring of the environment