Note 2. Follow your scientist – The INSIGNIA project!

By Flemming Vejsnæs, Denmark – The international INSIGNIA group

An exciting project running in 12 countries testing the use of honeybee’s for bio-sampling and monitoring of pollution in our surrounding has already ended its first year. This year, it will be running in 9 countries with 90 apiaries. This will cover all types of pollution in Europe. How to follow a project like this. On the social media you have all possibilities.

Follow us on the internet
As one of the first big EU scientific project the INSIGNIA project is going all in on all levels of the internet. As something new, you can follow the whole process of this project, since all partners will regular report on how the project does progress. Even results will be revealed during the 3 years the project is running.

The INSIGNIA blog is the basis of all information given in the project. You can join our homepage where scientist, adviser and even beekeepers regular do report on the process and excitement of the development. Look on the homepage for basic information and updates on the blog:

Social media
Social media are getting more and more important sources of information in our modern society. The same applies to the INSIGNIA project. Probably beekeepers are not so active on the social media. The older generation more on Facebook, whereas the younger one is very active on Instagram and Twitter. But even older people are also very active on Twitter. Just look at the president of USA. The project is also using YouTube, where it is possible to follow the project more visual.

Like your information
On the social media you can search for your preferred information. Look at the graphic for the search keywords for the INSIGNIA project. You can also search for everything you want to know. Do not expect the information is coming to you by itself. Go and find it, like it and get the notifications you want to receive. In that way you optimize the information that is important for your beekeeping.

Please add at the end of the article:

INSIGNIA is a pilot project Environmental monitoring of pesticide use through honeybees (ret PP-1-1-2018) under the European Union.

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